July 13, 2024

Many Nigerian Journalists Creating Enmity Between Our Coaches

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It’s quite unfortunate that certain so-called Nigerian journalists don’t even know how to write objectively.


They are the ones causing chaos in our football and among stakeholders.


You might decide to hype your favorite or wish candidate as a coach but not try to drag the other coach down. This is only done by our African quack journalists. You won’t find this anywhere near top footballing nations.


Liking Amunike doesn’t mean you should insult the person of Finidi. Likewise, celebrating George Finidi’s appointment shouldn’t also make you in any way insult Emmanuel Amunike.


This is what exposes journalists that have something within them that is special or not.


The stuff we’ve read flying all over the place after George Finidi’s appointment as Super Eagles Head coach is totally uncalled for. Emmanuel Amunike has achieved just so well and made Nigeria so proud as a player and coach. He represents a special brand, and that legacy remains and can only be bettered by him. His records are there to show. We should remain proud of his achievements as a player and coach so far. It’s just awesome.


Pause and have a look at the coaches he worked with as a player, the ones he underwent through coaching courses with, and the players he has coached so far. He definitely deserves a better treatment, especially from every Nigerian out there.


Let our professional journalists learn in the right way and stop causing enmity within the football family.


Austin A.

Galaxy Sports

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