May 18, 2024

SYDA Urges Government to Enlist MTN and Multichoice Support for Nigerian Rugby Development

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By Sportsgister



Sport & Youths Development Academy (SYDA), the esteemed marketing partner of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, has fervently appealed to the federal government to actively engage and encourage major multinationals, such as MTN and Multichoice, in bolstering sports development initiatives across the nation.


This impassioned plea was articulated by Segun Maku, the Chief Executive Officer of SYDA, subsequent to a high-level meeting with the top echelons of management, including the CEO of Group Africa Marketing (the exclusive marketing agency for MTN in South Africa). Maku underscored the significance of leveraging partnerships with renowned South African agencies, particularly given the preeminence of rugby in the sports landscape of South Africa.


During these engagements, Maku shed light on the substantial patronage that rugby enjoys from multinationals like MTN and Multichoice in South Africa. Drawing parallels to the strides made by the current board, led by Dr.


Ademola Are, Maku lamented encountering obstacles in securing similar support for rugby in Nigeria. Expressing optimism, he proposed that the government enact policies compelling these multinationals to invest in and

foster the growth of sports, with a special emphasis on rugby.


In his concluding remarks, Maku passionately urged for the establishment of a conducive policy framework that would incentivize and oblige multinationals to contribute significantly to the advancement of sports, thereby creating a conducive environment for the growth of rugby and other sporting disciplines in the country.


It is noteworthy that Nigeria currently occupies the 8th position in Africa, as per the latest rankings released by rugby Africa subsequent to the Olympic qualifiers held in Harare, Zimbabwe.


This ranking serves as a poignant reminder of the untapped potential awaiting recognition and support in Nigeria’s rugby landscape, further emphasizing the urgency of collaborative efforts between the government and corporate entities to propel the nation to greater heights in the realm of sports.

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