May 23, 2024

Padel Tennis Project Set to Elevate Sports Sector in Osun State – Ijoba Sports

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By Sportsgister

In a recent statement, Mr. Olusola Alabi, widely known as Ijoba Sports and the media manager of the iPadel team, discussed the significance of introducing Padel Tennis to Osun State. Emphasizing the need for innovation in the sports scene, he expressed confidence that this sport would receive widespread support.


“This Padel Tennis is a refreshing addition to the sports landscape, promising an exciting experience for both tennis enthusiasts and newcomers. It’s our duty to rally behind the team spearheading this initiative and provide the encouragement they need,” stated Ijoba Sports, a versatile sports journalist.


Highlighting the novelty of Padel Tennis, he underscored its popularity in Europe and anticipated a massive turnout for the sport in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Ijoba Sports stressed the importance of garnering support from sports stakeholders in Osun State to ensure the success of the project.


The media and publicity manager also hinted at an upcoming announcement regarding the commissioning date. He emphasized the need for widespread awareness and mentioned plans for courtesy visits to sports stakeholders and journalists in the state.


Explaining the choice of Osogbo as the project’s location, Ijoba Sports stated, “We selected Osogbo as the capital for the tennis court to make it easily accessible to the public. This move aligns with our goal of contributing to the development of the sports sector in Osun State as private investors.”


With the commissioning date approaching, Padel Tennis emerges as a focal point for sports enthusiasts in Osun State and across Nigeria.

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