May 24, 2024

Grassroot Football Teams Pays Congratulatory Visit To Alhaji Salisu Usman Galadima

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By Sedara Philip



Still basking in the euphoria of his victory at the just concluded Nasarawa State Football Association in Keffi, Nasarawa Stat


Fans, Friends and family members have continued to trooped into the country home of Alhaji Salisu Usman Galadima, who emerged victorious at the poo


Amongst those who came for the visits are stakeholders of local football within the stat


The trio of Kwandere United, Greater Tomorrow FC and Akurba United were all in joyous mood as to celebrate with the man they dimmed the cap fit to lead the state’s football association to the promise lan


The first to speak was the Adon Gerin Kwandere, Ahmad Kasimu Al-Makur


“You have done so many things in Nasarawa State as regards to the growth of the game. Many things you don’t even want people to know but we know them all


“We have many people that would want to emulate you, reason why we want to talk about your giant strides


“Many indigenous children of our dear Kwandere are happy that their own son is the number one citizen of football in the state


“Our prayers are that your growth shouldn’t be restricted to just Nasarawa State alone but the world at large


The Chairman of Greater Tomorrow FC, Muhammadu Akuwa was equally filled with praise for the “Dan Iyan Kwandere” as he described him as the man of the people who wants the best for the good people of Nasarawa Stat


As we all know, we are here to show our appreciation for your latest feat. As a team, it is a thing of a pride for someone like you to get such positio


“You as a person, you are not alien to our activities as a team and you are one of the people that has shown love and care for us. We are indeed very grateful to God for winning the exalted seat as the Chairman of the NSFA


“We hope and believe that your tenure will bring more positives to the development of football in the state as we hope someday, you will be our shinning at the international level thereby protecting the interest of our dear state and country, he concluded’


Alhaji Salisu Usman Galadima (Dan Iyan Kwandere) appreciated the teams and their officials for their visits as he pledged that his loyalty will be to the development of the game in the stat


“We give Glory to God for the grace to be able to battle for this position and win


It’s not a surprise to me that you visited because of the symbiotic relationship we have. It is a relationship that has been long hence I am not surprised


“As we all know, the kind of job that means you leading people does not come easy as i did not look for this post for my personal gains but for the love of the good people of the state


“There are many plans that my administration has  for the growth of the game that would be unfolded soon and without your maximum support it will not see the light of day



“During our campaign we promised that we would constitute different committees at the local FA level where some of our local coaches would be sponsored to the National Institute of Sports (NIS) to further refresh their knowledge about the round leather gam


“We will make sure that we revamp the local tournaments within the state from the Inter schools to the Governor’s Cup, Emir’s Cup and so many tournament that will add gloss to the good name of the state and your support will be pivotal to make all these happen, Salisu Galadima conclude

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