May 19, 2024

NLO Bans Supporters Of Ultimate Synergy FC For Violent Conducts

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By Sportsgister

The Nationwide League One Secretariat received a report of violent conduct of the supporters of Ultimate Synergy FC Lagos.




It was reported that the supporters of Ultimate Synergy FC Lagos have persistently been causing disorderliness during matches involving their team.


It was also reported that Referee Salami Qudus was assaulted by same supporters of the Ultimate Synergy FC after a league match in which the referee was not involved but because he took the records of how the supporters of Ultimate Synergy FC were disrupting proceedings of a league match venue.




The NLO rules and regulations frowned at such an attitude as stated in Article 4.13(2). Any supporters club that persistently cause disorder either at home or away shall be banned from all league match venues.


• 4.13(3). The NLO reserve the right to cause the club with violent supporters to pay for damages for which they might be held responsible for before, during and after any match. Ultimate Synergy FC to pay for the medical treatment of Referee Salami Qudus when presented.

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