May 24, 2024

African Coaches Connect Seeks Justice For Tope Bolus 

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By Sportsgister


ACC has been notified of the ongoing issues regarding the contractual dispute between the Technical Adviser of Katsina United Football Club Coach Tony Bolus and the interim management committee of the football club.


ACC is committed to matters of Coaches welfare and well -being and is assuring all parties involved that a thorough investigation is currently underway.


ACC understands the importance of maintaining fair play, adherence to contractual agreements, and upholding the standards outlined by the Nigeria Football Federation and the Nigeria Premier Football League.


Speaking on the matter, the President of ACC, Eldred Sunju-Abbey said, “our commitment is to conduct a comprehensive review of the situation, considering all relevant factors and information. Our Legal and Advocacy team will work diligently to gather the necessary details and will keep all concerned parties informed”.


ACC’s Director of Legal and Advocacy, Ethel I. West, who equally doubles as ACC’s General Coordinator in Canada, explained that ACC recognizes the significance of fair and just outcomes in sports-related matters.


She insisted that ACC is committed to upholding the principles of good corporate governance and administrative practices as outlined by FIFA, CAF and NFF.


Coach Tony Bulus is a member of African Coaches Connect.

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