May 23, 2024

NPFL Warns Clubs against Time Wasting Antics By Ball Boys

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By Sportgister

The Nigeria Premier Football League, NPFL, has warned of heavy sanctions against clubs that failed to reorientate their ball boys against time wasting during matches.

The NPFL issued the warning in a memo addressed to clubs on Tuesday.

The Chief Operating Officer of the NPFL, Davidson Owumi, stated that the attention of the board has been drawn to the corruption of young boys into bad football practice.

“It has come to our attention, the unscrupulous and undisciplined behavior of ball boys on match days,” Owumi said in the statement.

“The continuous attitude of ball boys hiding match balls when the game is still on and mostly in favour of the home team shall no more be tolerated.

“We urge you to take immediate steps to rectify this situation by carrying out orientation sessions for the ball boys to ensure that they understand and adhere to the rules.

“Failure to do so may result in penalties, including fines and points deductions as outlined in Rule C18 of the NPFL Framework and Rules.”

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