July 21, 2024

Gombe United Appeals NPFL Penalty for Fan Misconduct

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By Sedara Philip

Gombe, Nigeria – Gombe United Football Club has issued a heartfelt plea to the Nigerian Premier League (NPFL) Disciplinary Committee, requesting a reconsideration of the harsh penalties imposed on the team following incidents during their Week 17 match against Rivers United.


In a letter signed by club Secretary Bala Abubakar, Gombe United expressed their deep remorse for the “unacceptable actions” of certain individuals involved in the attempted assault on match officials and the throwing of objects onto the pitch during the match at Pantami Stadium.


While acknowledging the severity of the misconduct, the club urged the Disciplinary Committee to consider a more lenient approach, emphasizing the human element of occasional mistakes and the importance of balancing justice with mercy.


Furthermore, the letter highlighted the club’s ongoing efforts to promote sportsmanship among its supporters, citing the Savannah Scorpions supporters club’s dedication to fan education and enlightenment. They expressed bewilderment at how “a few bad eggs” could jeopardize the team’s progress and damage the peaceful reputation of Pantami Stadium, known for its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.


Expressing confidence in the Disciplinary Committee’s fairness, Gombe United pledged to take additional measures, in collaboration with the fans club leadership, to strengthen crowd control and ensure that such incidents never occur again. The club emphasized their commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship.


The letter concluded with a heartfelt plea for leniency, hoping that the Disciplinary Committee will grant their request for a review of the penalty. Gombe United reiterated their unwavering obedience to the NPFL’s rules and regulations while emphasizing their desire to move forward constructively.


Whether the Disciplinary Committee will heed Gombe United’s appeal remains to be seen. However, the club’s sincere apology and proactive approach to preventing future fan misconduct could potentially influence the committee’s decision.


This situation serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible fan behavior and the need for clubs to actively engage with their supporters to promote sportsmanship and respect within the Nigerian football landscape.



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