July 21, 2024

Moyebi Ayodeji Wins 2023 Ilutitun Mini-marathon

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By Sedara Philip


Moyebi Ayodeji has emerged as the winner of the 2023 Ilutitun mini-marathon.

The duo Akindoyo Israel and Arowosomo Idowu Finished second and third respectively.

Omopariola Kehinde finished first at the women’s category.

The first three winners at both male and female categories were given cash prizes and certificates of participation


The top eight finishers in the mini- marathon were also richly rewarded,the financial incentive fueled the competitive spirit and contributed to the overall success of the event

Omoyele Sowore

This inclusive category fostered a sense of community and encouraged engagement from runners of all levels.


Race Director Dr Funmi Fakuyi expressed immense satisfaction with the event’s success, particularly lauding the calibre of runners who participated.

He highlighted the growing stature of Uluuton Mini-marathon and celebrated the improvement shown by Ilutitun sons and daughters.


The Presidential of African action Congress Omoyele Sowore and a Cameroonian participated in the race



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