July 21, 2024

Transitioning from Radio to Sports Journalism: Ijoba Sports Seeks New Opportunities

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The young and dynamic journalist and content creator, Olusola Alabi, widely known as “Ijoba Sports,” has shed light on his decision to step away from his radio job and venture into another avenue within journalism.


Ijoba Sports, in an online interactive show with friends, shared the rationale behind his career move.


“While some may be wondering about my absence on radio, I want to emphasize that leaving the radio job is not the end of my career journey. I always tell my colleagues that journalism goes beyond radio broadcasting. As a sports journalist, my skills and creativity extend beyond radio, and to explore further in this field, I felt it was crucial to quit the radio job and embrace a new direction,” Ijoba Sports disclosed.


The vibrant journalist, originally from Osun, highlighted that there are various avenues for sports broadcasters to thrive beyond radio. He expressed satisfaction with his decision, believing it will unlock more opportunities for him.


Recently, Ijoba Sports assumed the role of media officer for the Ibadan-based professional football club, Adeyemi FC, owned by Karim Adeyemi of Borussia Dortmund.


Discussing his focus in sports journalism, he shared his broad objectives, saying, “My dream is to become the head of media for a reputable football club. I am passionate and determined about it. Working with Adeyemi FC is a significant opportunity, and I don’t want to limit myself.”


Ijoba Sports is widely recognized on social media platforms for his Ìjèsà dialect sports commentary concept, which adds another layer to his professional goals.

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