July 21, 2024

Ikere Local Football Council Chairman, Mr. Raji Adewale, Ascends to Match Commissioner Role in Nigeria National League

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By Sportsgister

In a significant development, Mr. Raji Adewale, the Chairman of Ikere Local Football Council, has assumed the role of Match Commissioner in the prestigious Nigeria National League (NNL), the nation’s second-tier league.


Yesterday evening, Adewale was spotted fulfilling his duties as Match Commissioner during the clash between Osun United FC and Ijebu United FC in the Southern Conference Group B.


Known for his adept football administration, Adewale successfully managed resources in the recently concluded Ikere Unity Cup23. The tournament not only had a promising start but also concluded with a record of eradicating hooliganism in the community, thanks to the promotion of sportsmanship.


Expressing gratitude, the historic Match Commissioner acknowledged Chief Oluwole Oloworemo, the Ekiti FA boss, for deeming him worthy of the position in the NNL.


In a match overseen by Adewale, Osun United FC secured a 1-0 victory over Ijebu United FC, marking a successful debut in his new role.

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