July 21, 2024

Adeyemi FC President’s Inspiring Charge to Players: “Results Will Boost Your Welfare”

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By Sportgister

The president of Adeyemi FC, the renowned Ibadan-based professional football club, Mr. Abiodun Adeyemi, affectionately known as “Baba Abe,” has delivered a powerful message of encouragement and support to his players. He assured them that their dedication and performance would be met with enhanced welfare.

In a recent address to the press in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State, Baba Abe emphasized his unwavering commitment to the team and its players’ future.

“You are my focal point, and I have my sights set on your individual and collective success. I envision opportunities for each of you beyond what you may currently imagine. Your daily results and outstanding performance will empower me to provide even greater support. Europe is your destination, and I will not relent in creating the optimal platform for your achievements,” he affirmed.

While underscoring the significance of welfare, the Club’s president urged players to elevate their efforts and affirmed his high expectations.

“The game of football is a business, and I am fully invested in it. That’s why we’ve established this football club with a solid foundation. It’s now your responsibility to redouble your dedication and commitment. Deliver exceptional results and performances, and your salaries will reflect your accomplishments,” he revealed.

In addition to his directive, Baba Abe offered valuable guidance to players, encouraging them to heed and follow their coaches’ instructions. He also extended his appreciation to the coaching and media crews for their outstanding contributions.

Speaking on behalf of the entire team, the head coach, Kolawole Emmanuel, also known as Coach Drey, expressed gratitude for the president’s consistent support and pledged that the players would undoubtedly make him proud.

“We are immensely grateful to have such an exceptional president. Your unwavering support means the world to us. On behalf of the entire team, we promise to deliver our very best, and your investment in us will not be in vain,” Coach Drey affirmed.

It’s worth noting that the club’s president recently implemented a salary increase for veteran players, a tangible component of his comprehensive welfare plans.

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